Gerry F. Killeen BSc, PhD

Appointment: Reader, Vector Biology Department, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Background: Dr Killeen is a resident guest scientist at the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) in Tanzania where he has been based for the last 11 years. During that time he established a new Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences Thematic Group (TG) which is now led by two of his former students and hosts >30 projects and >20 principal investigators, including one of the largest malaria vector working groups in the world.

He collaborates with three national malaria control programmes (Zambia, mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar) and one local-scale malaria control programme (Dar es Salaam City Council Urban Malaria Control Programme) and has served as an adviser, consultant or editorial board member to the Malaria Journal, Parasites & Vectors, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Multilateral Vaccine Initiative, and World Health Organization.

He works on a variety of basic and applied aspects of malaria transmission control, especially vector control, with a strong emphasis upon capacity strengthening, quantitative ecology and mathematical modeling.