Graham F. Medley BSc, PhD

Appointment: Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, University of Warwick UK

Areas of interest: Mathematical models of infectious disease transmission dynamics. Design of costeffective interventions.  

Background: Studied biology & computer science at the University of York before becoming a research assistant at Imperial College, London in 1983. The appointment as a computer programmer developed, and Graham obtained a PhD and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 1989. He moved to Warwick in 1993 and gained a personal chair in 2004.

Graham has over 160 refereed publications on the transmission dynamics and control of a diverse range of pathogens and hosts. His strengths are combining statistical and mathematical modelling to produce quantitative frameworks that can contribute to both understanding the biology and ecology of pathogens, as well as providing a basis for rational design of cost-effective control programmes. More recently he has become interested in the economic, political and legal drivers of infectious disease control. Most of his work is collaborative. 

Graham’s expertise has been used to inform Government, particularly in the areas of AIDS/HIV and BSE/vCJD, and he was a member of SEAC (the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee). He has been a member of a NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) committee, and chaired Department of Health scientific advisory committees.

Graham is currently a member of the reviewing board for Science and a handling editor for Mathematical Biosciences (Elsevier). He has sat on BBSRC assessment panels, and was a member of the Wellcome Trust’s Immunology and Infectious Disease panel.