Rasmus Malmborg BSC, MSc, MPH

Current position: Managing director of LHL International 

Areas of Interest: Tuberculosis: PPM (public-private mix). Patient centered approaches. Improving access to health care services for the poor. Applied Health Research.

Background: Studied Human Geography at University of Copenhagen, Denmark before studying Public Health at Nordic School of Public Health, Gothenburg, Sweden.

After a brief contract with the WHO Euro Office in Copenhagen, Rasmus joined the international department of LHL (The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patients Organisation) in 2004. From 2004 to 2012 Rasmus followed up LHL support with partner organisations in Malawi and Sudan, these include Paradiso patient organization and Research on Equity And Community Health (REACH) Trust in Malawi and The Epidemiological Laboratory (Epi-lab), National Tuberculosis Program and Sudanese TB Patient Association (STPA) in Sudan. Rasmus was appointed deputy of the International department of LHL in 2010 and when LHL's tuberculosis work was set up in an independent foundation known as LHL International he continued as deputy director until January 2014 when he took over as managing director of the organization.

The link to work going on in Malawi and Sudan is maintained through the follow up of LHL International supported research at REACH Trust and Epi-lab. A belief that patients can and shall play a central role in the fight against tuberculosis is an important perspective for both Rasmus personally and for the organization which he leads.